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Jason Smith, CPA Helps Businesses Protect Assets and Secure Wealth

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Jason Monroe Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona helps local businesses and individuals protect their assets and wealth by implementing reliable strategies and comprehensive plans. “Asset protection is about using techniques that are within the limits of the law to protect assets of people and businesses from legal action and the threat of litigation,” […]

Scottsdale Certified Public Accountant, Jason Monroe Smith, Offers Expert Chief Financial Officer Outsourcing Services

A freelance accountant for over 12 years, Jason Monroe Smith of Scottsdale, Arizona helps local businesses overcome financial challenges by providing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services on a temporary basis. “By outsourcing CFO services, small to mid-sized businesses can remain focused on growth while financial goals, and all the tedious reporting that goes with it, are managed […]